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Metal Roofing from Junior Construction

There are two main types of metal roofing:

  • Hidden fastener (standing seam)
  • Junior’s Pro Panel

The hidden fastener is by far the best of the best when it comes to roofing. It has tall raised ribs to keep all water out even in low pitches and it has no penetrating screws to work out or leak. No visible screws give these roofs an elegant look and an insurmountable long lasting roof. It has the highest wind ratings in the industry. Residential pro panel is a one-of-a-kind panel that allows for a flat base on top of the rib to fasten our industrial umbrella head screw.


  • Umbrella head hides and protects washer from sun, water, and other harmful elements
  • Made of Alloy that prevents rusting
  • Neoprene Washer is three times thicker
  • Five times the sheer strength
  • Threads are like a lag screw and made to hold into your roof decking

Standing Seam vs. Barn Steel

The “standing seam vs. barn steel” comparison could also be stated as hidden fasteners (standing seam) vs. exposed fasteners (barn steel or agricultural panel). Our state-of-the-art standing seam roofing system eliminates all fasteners that penetrate any part of the roof. The few fasteners that can be seen are located on the ridge cap and the side rake trim. All the fasteners to our roofing system are concealed under the panels. Barn steel/exposed fastener roofing has about one exposed screw penetrating through the panel and into the sub-roof about every square foot. This means a roof that is 3000 square feet in size has 3000 holes that are exposed to the elements. The only material keeping this roof from leaking from the first rainfall is a rubberized gasket. On an exposed fastener roof, this gasket is alleged to be able to handle our climate which has endless strong winds and temperatures form -20°F to above 100°F. All our competitors are using the cheapest barn screw possible (which has the thinnest and cheapest gasket) and most are screwing in the flat water trough part of the panel which ensures a large leak much faster than necessary.

If the issue of the integrity of the fastening system on the Barn Steel/exposed fastener roof were not enough to question its value, consider the law of expansion and contraction. All building materials that are exposed to wide temperature ranges expand with heat and contract with cold. This is true with all steel exterior products. The Barn Steel/exposed fastener system makes no allowance for the continuous expansion and contraction of the steel. In other words, by not having the ability for the steel to expand and contract, the exposed fasteners will stress the steel and cause the screw holes to enlarge and loosen its hold onto the sub-roof.

Our roofing system is designed to allow for the normal expansion and contraction that happens with the changes in temperature in our seasons. Our panels are fastened with a hidden flange system. Because of this feature, our roof is truly a life-time system.

Barn Steel/exposed fastener steel is cheap and becoming more popular than ever. Junior Construction has installed more than anyone in this area and we are not trying to push a product that may be a little outside of your price range or doesn’t fit your needs. There are two main ways we eliminate most of the flaws with exposed fastener roof systems:

  • We use an industrial umbrella head screw with a 40 yr. neoprene washer that is protected by the one piece head. We order those powder coated to match the screws in 2”.
  • We use a pro panel that is roll formed to accommodate a screw to the top of the rib. This eliminates having the screw down in the water travel and also helps a lot with the expansion and contraction of the metal.

Lastly, there is a good reason why exposed fastener roofing is called “Barn Steel” or agricultural panel. It is intended to be installed on a barn roof – not your home or commercial building. Cows or hay never complained about a few drips!

Owner: Michael D. Mullery Jr.

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